Did you know the most underserved segment of the paving industry is the road paving segment?

I feel for you. Think about it, if you are working on culverts, or overlays or even a micro surfacing project, you have inspection and a large team supporting the project. Then you turn to the crucial yet unglamourous task of crack sealing and patching, and you can’t afford to have an army out there.

We hear over and over again: if only someone invested some time, energy and science into truly engineering a great sealing product, I would buy that!

SuperSealing USA has been in strategic meetings with public works people the last few years, and we hear your frustration regarding the importance of water proofing the road but the lack of quality and long-lasting products to do so. Current materials and practice just don’t work. In fact, in a FHWA survey, DOT pavement engineers overwhelmingly agreed that the most cost effective pavement preservation application was crack sealing. In that very survey, these engineers also indicated that the most unreliable application was crack sealing.

Who Are We?

We are SuperSealing USA – a team of pavement experts, material scientists, and world class contractors that have re-imagined crack sealing, patching and concrete repair in a way that we think will make your life better. We have over 100 years of industry experience, and then we surveyed the world searching for better ways to maintain roads. We are ready to transform maintenance delivery for your pavement network. Our process is intuitive, proven, and we use the best materials to ensure success on your roads.

Awesome Applications in Australia

We met with the largest crack sealing company in the Pacific. And we were amazed. They changed every paradigm and then proved their technology on the roads of Australia and the Pacific for over a decade.

What the Aussies Do Differently

  1. They are absolute professionals that have quality plans, safety, and world class support capabilities.
  2. They re-imagined the crack sealer formulations and created a product that costs a little more and goes twice as far. Our product surpasses specifications and can be released to traffic in minutes. And it is a sustainable product!
  3. They re-imagined the application equipment and created a truck mounted unit that the applicators can consistently meet the customers expectations. The founder Tom Haslett says “Mate, you either run the application or it runs you!”

To Be the Best Work With the Best

You’re thinking, okay, great, next time I am in Australia I’ll take a look. Well, we did one better, my dad always said, “…to be the best, work with the best.” So, we entered into a partnership with SuperSealing LTD (Headquarters in Melbourne, Australia) and formed SuperSealing USA. They gave us the best practices, processes, and secrets in the world, and we want to help you by using our knowhow on your roads.

Fifteen Free Demonstration Projects

We are so excited about our new systems approach, that we are giving away fifteen demonstration projects, that’s right, seeing is believing – especially when it is on your road – we are giving a way a 1 mile crack sealing projects to eligible public works managers who meet our criteria of being champions and changes agents of pavement networks.

Change My Life

Take action today, and see if we can improve your life through a re-imagined way of doing crack-sealing better

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