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Geoff Rowe

Dr. Rowe is the president and CEO of Abatech Inc which conducted pavement engineering projects around the world from it’s headquarter location in Pennsylvania, USA. Abatech has developed of approximately 20 software packages for pavement engineering of which eight are marketed and used in approximately 40 countries around the world. The technology includes pavement structural design, analysis of FWD data, materials property analysis and rheology. The software developed by his team for determination of the critical cracking temperature associated with single event low temperature thermal cracking is described in AASHTO PP-42 and is implemented in the AASHTO M320 Table 2 standard for asphalt binders. Dr. Rowe’s fatigue work on asphalt mixtures has recently been published as ASTM Beam Fatigue Standard Test Method D 7460-08. Dr. Rowe leads several research efforts in rheology and the fracture of asphalt with funding from industry and government sources. In addition, Dr. Rowe currently heads an ASTM Sub-committee developing standards for forensic engineering.

Dr. Rowe is a licensed Professional Engineer in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida. In addition, he is a Chartered Materials Engineer in the United Kingdom.

Specialties: Asphalt and civil engineering materials, pavement design for roads/airports/ports & industrial pavements, rheology of materials, software development, failure analysis

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Joseph Drbohlav

Vice President Of Technology at Adventus Material Strategies LLC

Experienced technical professional with a strong background in polymer chemistry, materials science, and rheology, combined with 20 years of experience in leading new product and applications development teams. Proficiency in building and leading new technology platforms to deliver bottom line growth to a business. Expert-level knowledge in asphalt chemistry, polymer modification of asphalt, food packaging, rheology, polyester resins, and thermoplastic elastomers; strong capability to leverage this knowledge to develop new and improved products and applications.

Adventus brings today's technological advancements and bio-based science to the asphalt industry. We seek out the latest in materials innovation and combine this with an extensive background in the science of surfaces and coatings, road construction and maintenance, and all things related to asphalt. The Adventus team brings combined experience that is unparalleled in the asphalt technology industry. Our strength is helping clients in the development of new opportunities, marketing, and commercialization.

As Vice President of Technology, I am primarily responsible for the identification and development of new product opportunities, as well as assisting Adventus leadership and clients in developing effective intellectual property strategies to help ensure long term profitability of newly commercialized products and processes.

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